We produce functional apparel under our own labels and as Private Label. Our services include:

  • Product design, trims and package design
  • Measurement charts and fitting
  • Quality control
  • Delivery time control
  • Logistics & customs clearance
  • Certifications if needed for Russia
  • Warehouse services & dispatching


In our own factory we manufacture functional base layers, underwear and socks. Our factory is based in Moscow region, Russia.

Do you work on the Russian or EAEU markets? Have you already considered localization?

At the moment in Russian economy all locally produced products and services are in favor, and they have bigger markets than imported ones. To have the most benefit of the market share, setting up production to Russia is the way to go. It is also supported governmentally and legislation favors it.

We can set up a new production for you or with you to localize your production in Russia.

Your benefits:

  • You get a reliable partner who has extensive experience working on the Russian market
  • You decide on your degree of involvement (from 0% to 100%)